Skøyteholder - kunstløp 3D

Skøyteholder - kunstløp 3D


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Modellnummer 3DEFSH
Merke Wissota
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Leverandørens produktbeskrivelse:
Wissota’s 3-D Elite Figure Skate Holder is the most durable, accurate, and USER FRIENDLY skate holder on the market, which can be used for ANY machine. Specifically designed for Figure Skates.

Fits ALL sizes of figure skate blades, child through adult.
Locates and clamps across the blade stanchions so that even tapered side honed blades can be held accurately and consistently.
Bottom jaw is a steel investment casting for extreme durability. Top jaw is a brass investment casting to hold high-end skates without scratching the chrome plating.
Easily replaceable Felt Wear Pads for smooth glide.
NOTE: The MK/Wilson “Revolution” style blades with the carbon fiber blade holders will fit perfectly in our standard 3-D Three Dial Skate Holder. They will not fit into the Elite Figure Skate Holder.

If figure skate sharpening is your specialty, this is THE holder.

If you are a volume sharpening shop, you should have two separate skate holders; one set up for hockey skates, and one set up for figure skates. This way you avoid set-up time and any possible set-up errors going back and forth between (thin) hockey skate blades and (thick) figure skate blades.